Biosurfactant Additives for Mining

Making the clean energy transition a reality

Extract Trapped Minerals

from Low-Grade Ores

Locus Mining Solutions uses novel ESG-friendly biosurfactant additives to unlock stranded minerals traditional extraction processes can’t reach while boosting the profitability and sustainability of mining operations.


Higher Recovery of Acid Insoluble Copper.


Boosted Performance over Sulfuric Acid.

Biosurfactant Additive Benefits Exceed Traditional Extraction Methods


Cost-effective and integrates seamlessly with existing processes and operations


100% renewable and biodegradable with a near-zero carbon footprint


Boosts resource recovery and recycling with better productivity

Addressing Key Mining Challenges

How It Works:

Biosurfactant additives can extract minerals from low-grade ores that traditional extraction processes can’t reach, boosting the mineral recovery and productivity of current mining operations to help meet the growing unmet supply and demand.

Reaches and Extracts More Minerals and Metals

Eliminates Passivation Layer

Boosts Performance of Acids and Alkalis

The clean-energy transition is creating a shift to a mineral and metal-intensive world, with demand exceeding supply.


More mineral resources are needed for wind than gas-fired power plants.


More mineral inputs are needed for electric vehicles than conventional cars.

Current extraction methods cannot cost-effectively extract remaining low-grade ores, creating production limitations in existing operations.


Increase in copper demand for clean energy technologies.


Of remaining copper is trapped in primary sulfides that traditional extraction can’t reach.

Metal mining is water-intensive and produces more toxic waste by volume than any U.S. industry, with permits not being issued or renewed due to ESG concerns.


Tons of slag generated per 1 ton of copper, causing environmental and storage concerns.


Pounds of toxins are emitted to the air from mining operations.

Locus’ biosurfactant additives are essential in the clean energy transition

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