Biosurfactant Additives for Mining

Pioneering the Next Generation of Mining Reagents

Together, let's make the clean energy transition a reality.

Boost Critical Mineral
Recovery & Selectivity

(even from previously uneconomical low-grade ores)

Our novel ESG-friendly biosurfactant additives unlock stranded critical minerals traditional extraction processes can’t reach, while also boosting the profitability and sustainability of mining operations.


Higher Recovery of Acid Insoluble Copper(Leaching Application)

Benefits of Locus Biosurfactant Additives

Seamless Integration

Cost-effectively and easily integrate into your existing extraction processes and operations

Sustainable & Robust

Accelerate decarbonization with powerful, yet eco-friendly, reagents for significant energy & water savings

Improved Ore Recovery

Boost leaching and flotation performance for higher ore recovery and better selectivity

Addressing Key Mining Challenges

How It Works:

Biosurfactant additives can extract minerals from low-grade ores that traditional extraction processes can’t reach, boosting the mineral recovery and productivity of current mining operations to help meet the growing unmet supply and demand.

Unique Adsorption-Desorption Extends Performance

Small Micelle Size Penetrates Nanopores

Maintains Stability in Acids and Alkalis

Remains Active in Extreme pH and Salinity Conditions

Optimize Your Mining Operations Today

Our plug and play ESG-friendly mining reagents can easily integrate into your existing operations in these applications and more.

Improve Recovery and Selectivity

Boost Your Ore Recovery

Optimize Moisture and Production 

Manage Previously Uneconomical Material

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