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Lower Scope 1 EmissionsToxicityOperating Costs

Our ESG-friendly biosurfactants offer a brighter future for mining operations with significant sustainability and performance advantages.

The clean-energy transition is creating a shift to a mineral and metal-intensive world, with demand exceeding supply.


more mineral resources needed

For wind than gas-fired power plants.


more mineral inputs needed

For electric vehicles than conventional cars.

Current extraction methods cannot cost-effectively extract remaining low-grade ores, creating production limitations in existing operations.


increase in copper demand

Specifically for use in clean energy technologies.


of remaining copper trapped In primary sulfides

That traditional extraction can’t reach.

Metal mining is water-intensive and produces more toxic waste by volume than any U.S. industry, with permits not being issued or renewed due to ESG concerns.


tons of slag

Generated per each ton of copper, causing environmental and storage concerns.


pound of toxins

Emitted into the air from traditional mining operations.

Decarbonizing the Mining Industry with Locus Biosurfactants

We help global companies maximize extraction of critical minerals and metals needed for the clean energy transition, but in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Together, we can lower the environmental footprint and decarbonize mining operations.

Improved Ore
Recovery &


Unlock Stranded
Critical Minerals

Significant Energy
& Water Savings

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