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We use proprietary bioinformatics and fermentation technology to deliver highly potent, non-toxic and non-living biosurfactant additives in cost-effective and commercially-viable quantities. Click below to learn more about each mining application.

Biosurfactants as Mining Reagents
Flotation Boosters

This transformative lineup of biosurfactant technology is designed to enhance efficiency in metal and mineral flotation processes. Flotation frothers act on the air-liquid interface to reduce bubble size and stabilize the froth layer. Some frothers also present collector power at the solid-liquid interface of the flotation system. They can be used as either flotation reagents or additives to boost performance.

FROTHERS | These biosurfactant blends outperformed MIBC and pine oil (two commonly used frothers) in mineral separation due to their versatile and robust froth characteristics. Locus Mining also developed the technology based on findings that indicated specific combinations of biosurfactants significantly enhanced flotation performance. Dr. Ronney Silva presented findings at multiple global mining conferences in 2023. The latest was at Flotation ’23 in South Africa, titled, “Evaluation as Biosurfactants as Frothers in Froth Flotation.Contact us for details on this published white paper.

COLLECTORS | Our biosurfactant-based collector line offers precision in metal and mineral particle collection during the flotation process. It streamlines mineral separation by selectively binding to target minerals and fostering a hydrophobic environment.

DUAL | Another flotation solution currently in development involves powerful biosurfactant technology uniquely engineered to serve dual roles as a collector and frother simultaneously. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines particle collection but also stabilizes bubbles, maximizing the efficiency of your flotation processes.

Leaching Boosters

Our biosurfactant additives are designed to optimize performance with leaching reagents. With micelles 20x smaller than traditional surfactants, they can penetrate deeper into rock pores. They enhance acid effectiveness by reducing surface tension, allowing the acids to reach and recover more metals/minerals efficiently.

Beyond preventing the formation of passivation layers, they allow for continuous chemical penetration in rock pores, facilitating material processing ranging from finer to coarser compositions. The result: increased recovery rates and less crushing needed, significantly reducing cost and energy expenditures in the overall mining process.

Flocculant Boosters

These biosurfactant-based reagents strategically facilitate the aggregation of fine particles in water. Our flocculant boosters go beyond mere settling; they ensure swift settling, particularly in critical operations such as sedimentation, thickening, and dewatering. The outcome is an elevated operational efficiency, accelerating solid-liquid separation for faster and more efficient recovery of valuable minerals.

Filtration Boosters

Our filtration boosters enhance the separation of particles, minimizing viscosity concerns and improving filtration precision. Like all Locus Mining biosurfactant-based reagents, they are designed for seamless integration into existing plant operations and contribute to better, yet more sustainable, mineral and metal recovery.

Grinding Aid Boosters

These boosters elevate your grinding aids by improving the dispersion and stability of minerals. The unique biosurfactant composition reduces interparticle forces, minimizing agglomeration and optimizing particle interactions during grinding. This results in finer particle sizes, increased surface area, and improved liberation of valuable minerals.

Solvent Extractant Boosters

In solvent extraction, chemicals are used to selectively dissolve and recover specific metals from aqueous solutions. Biosurfactant-based additives can be used to improve selectivity and extraction rates. This strategic addition not only streamlines the extraction process but also aligns with sustainable practices, reducing the need for excessive solvent usage.

Tailings Management

Locus Mining is pioneering biosurfactant technology that will revolutionize tailings management. These ESG-friendly reagents have the unique capability of extracting ore from previously uneconomical tailings, turning what was once “waste” into a valuable resource – and profit. They can be used as additives in froth flotation or leaching to recover minerals/metals trapped in tailings and/or other waste mining materials.

Biosurfactant-based reagents are also an invaluable dewatering aids during the filtration of concentrates or tailings. Their multifaceted role extends to serving as filtration boosters, reducing moisture content and contributing to significant water savings.

Other Applications

Our scientists are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable mining solutions that don’t compromise on performance. Additional technologies are currently in the developmental pipeline that address other industry pain points, such as biosurfactant-based reagents for dust suppression and freeze controls. Stay tuned or contact us to find out on how else Locus Mining is leading the mining industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future with biosurfactants.




01. Effective

We only provide solutions that outperform traditional chemical alternatives in price, efficacy and dosing.

02. Safe

Our products are 100% non-GMO, non-toxic and biodegradable, putting safety and health concerns to rest.

03. Economical

Our plug and play, ESG-friendly mining reagents require minimal, if any, additional investment to integrate into existing operations.

04. Green

With Locus biosurfactants, the mining industry can can concurrently lower its carbon footprint while also increasing productivity to fuel the energy transition.

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