Biosurfactant Additives for Mining


Locus Mining addresses the critical need for sustainable mining techniques that can extract more minerals and metals in an environmentally friendly way.

We develop carbon-neutral, 100% renewable-sourced biosurfactant additives that unlock stranded minerals and metals traditional extraction processes can’t reach while boosting the profitability and sustainability of mining operations.

Driven To Make A Difference

IP Driven

We’re an accelerator that provides scientific and operational expertise to incubate intellectual property until it can be incorporated into industry-specific operating companies.

Data Driven

At any one time, our team may be conducting hundreds of experiments across over a dozen industry platforms.

Science Driven

Our team is comprised of world-class experts in microbiology, fermentation and numerous other scientific disciplines from around the world.

Difference Driven

We are prioritizing the biggest challenges in the biggest industries, while doing the spade work necessary to bring a multitude of data and IP-backed solutions to market.

We’re dedicated to developing biologicals

that enable mining companies to rapidly and profitably transition to a cleaner world

The clean energy transition requires massive amounts of minerals and metals with demand quickly exceeding supply. Our novel biosurfactant additives boost extraction and selectivity, even from previously uneconomical, low-grade ores.

We use innovative fermentation technology

that’s key to our disruption and leadership in markets like mining and minerals

The result: ESG-friendly, next-generation mining reagents that can help companies achieve higher profitability in their existing operations, while also transitioning to cleaner energy.

A different kind of biological company.

Locus Mining is part of Locus FS, globally recognized for its ability to customize and scale novel biobased solutions, proven to outperform chemicals and successfully address the world’s largest ESG pain points. We have the innovative biomanufacturing technology needed to produce biologicals at the volumes and price points needed for widespread adoption, in a multitude of new applications.

Headquarters: Solon, Ohio
11 offices in 5 states

1300+ patent filings
US$ 250 million raised

Experienced Management and World-Class Science Experts

Locus FS was founded by a team that has decades of experience in delivering the untapped benefits of microorganisms and their metabolites.
Our parent company’s patented fermentation technology and extensive knowledge of microbial and biosurfactant applications are producing results never thought possible with chemical solutions – including for mining applications.

Mining Leadership Team:

Gabi Knesel

VP Mining and Minerals Processing

Dr. Gabi Knesel is a well-rounded mining industry professional with global experience in R&D, mining exploration, operations, sales, and business development. After spending a decade in academia between her native Brazil and Australia, Dr. Knesel began her industry career with the Lhoist Group, a family-owned mining company, splitting time between its Global Research Center and HQ near Brussels, Belgium. Relocating to Lhoist North American, Gabi then held numerous positions in exploration, mine management, and sales. She later joined Nalco/Ecolab’s global mining division, driving business development in the areas of phosphate, precious metals, and mine tailings water. She now serves as Locus VP Mining & Minerals Processing. Locus Mining was formed to supply the industry with carbon neutral and biodegradable natural chemicals that boost ore recovery, especially from low-grade ores and traditionally uneconomical tailings. Locus technology supports mining decarbonization and the green energy transition, by improving efficient ore recovery in operations around the word. Dr. Knesel holds degrees in Earth Sciences (with emphasis on Geochemistry & Geochronology) from The University of Queensland (PhD) in Australia and University of São Paulo (BSc) in Brazil, as well as an MBA in Finance from Rome Business School in Italy.

Ronney Silva

Director of R&D and Metallurgy

Dr. Silva holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in Mining Engineering from Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). He started his career in 2001 as a Process Engineer at the Research Center of iron ore giant Vale. Afterwards, Dr. Silva worked for the engineering firm Sandwell and as a Product Manager for GL&V. In 2008, he joined FLSmidth Brazil as Flotation Product Manager. The following year, Dr. Silva transferred to FLSmidth USA where he held the positions of R&D Engineer, Group Leader – Flotation, and Sr. Process Engineer. In 2014, he worked at Magnetation Inc. as a Sr. Process Engineer leading the research and analysis of new and existing technologies that would suit Magnetation’s ore beneficiation needs. In 2017, Dr. Silva went to Clariant as a New Business Development Manager responsible for development of the American market for flotation collectors and frothers in iron ore, sulfide and phosphate. He later returned to FLSmidth as R&D Project Manager II, and in 2021 moved to customer services as a Global Service Line Manager responsible for the productivity and audits for mining until July 2022. In July 2022, Dr. Silva joined Locus Mining Solution as the Director of R&D and Metallurgy. At Locus, he is responsible for overseeing development and optimization of the the next generation of bio-surfactant based products in mineral and metal beneficiation.
Experienced Management.

Founded by a management team with a passion for microbial solutions that has guided microbial, IP-based businesses to exits with Private Equity and Strategic Partners at historic multiples.

World-Class Science Experts.

Driven by scientists that are globally recognized as being thought leaders in microbiology and fermentation systems, with 100s of patents and successful industrial and government engagements.

A Proudly Diverse Team.

Featuring a team of diverse minds from 8 different nations, made up of more than 55% women working in traditionally male-dominated industries.