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Customizable biosurfactants that boost the performance of completion fluids at a fraction of the dosage and cost of synthetic chemicals

More Production. Fewer Chemicals.

Operators are challenged to do more with less—maximizing well production with minimal cost, time, and environmental impact. That’s why we created SUSTAIN, a line of multifunctional and sustainable biosurfactants customized to replace or supplement current surfactants at a fraction of the volume.

SUSTAIN is cost-effective and maximizes performance in fracturing and acidizing fluids for production increases that exceed current results and prolong well lifespan.

Faster Peak Oil

Improves initial flowback performance and mobilizes oil other treatments can’t reach for immediate increases in IP

Higher EUR

Activates high well flow back performance over extended periods and penetrates deeper into shale rock to maximize ultimate recoverable reserves

Sustained Results

Release from mineral surfaces is extended through unmatched adsorption and desorption properties

How It Works:


SUSTAIN has unique mechanisms of action that can’t be matched by synthetic surfactants and chemicals:

No Hydrocarbon Adverse Impacts Bacteria or Nutrients Corrosion Risks Compatibility Challenges Formation Limitations Well Failures

Reduces surface energy, interfacial tension and capillary pressure

Increases the effective permeability of the reservoir and allows residual oil to be mobilized

Water wets or imbibes the formation to maximize oil mobility

Removes and disperses organic compounds from the rock surfaces

Non-emulsifying effect allows better oil/water separation and maximized water recovery
Customized and Highly Stable:

SUSTAIN has excellent stability at higher temperatures and salinities and can be tailored to formation mineralogy and fluids, ensuring maximum efficacy.

Current Results

Permian Basin Performance | Increased Oil Production

SUSTAIN biosurfactants outperform synthetic surfactants and require significantly lower volumes


higher than a leading microemulsion nanofluid


higher than a leading
frac surfactant


of the dosage


return on investment (ROI) within the first 30 days.

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