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Biosurfactant reagents Mining Technology Excellence award winner

  • Locus Mining’s biosurfactants have been named the top innovation in the Mining Technology Excellence Rankings
  • The biosurfactants advance the clean energy transition by improving overall recovery of minerals like copper by 7%, with up to 91% increases in recovery from sulfide copper ore
  • The technology is praised for being environmentally friendly, reducing toxic chemical use and tailings, and utilizing existing delivery systems for low cost and easy implementation

HOUSTON (March 7, 2023) In less than one year since its launch, Locus Mining Solutions has received multiple recognitions from energy industry professionals and scientists for its low-carbon biosurfactant reagents that boost recovery. Most recently, the company has been named winner of a Mining Technology Excellence Award in the Innovation category for its ESG-friendly mining reagents that increase overall copper recovery rates by 7%, and up to 91% from low-grade sulfide copper ores.

According to Mining Technology, Locus Mining was selected as the Innovation winner based on the company’s development of a novel process adding biosurfactants to existing extraction processes to boost the mineral output from increasingly lower quality ores. The other key advantage of the process is lower environmental impact, with the use of the biosurfactant reagents lowering emissions.

Energy Transition Drives Demand for Higher Mineral Extraction

Growing interest and funding for the energy transition is driving demand for metals and minerals required for clean energy production, storage and use. This demand is greatly pressuring the mining industry. With many of the richest ores having already been mined, the mining industry must find new ways to get more production from ores containing less of the needed product. And those new ways must be clean, energy efficient and very effective.

“The growing award list, along with eager acceptance from industry, tells us our innovative reagent additives are filling a great need,” said Gabi Knesel, Locus Mining Solutions’ VP of Mining & Minerals Processing. “The clean energy industry is depending on novel solutions like our biosurfactants to expand the supply of important minerals and metals needed. At the same time, we’re helping reduce the mining industry’s carbon footprint.”

Early Success with Biofriendly Reagents Garners Industry Interest, Awards

Launched in 2022, Locus Mining Solutions has already received two other recognitions. Mining Technology cited the company in their 2022 Excellence Rankings in three categories: Environmental, Innovation and Product Launch. Later in the year, the highly esteemed 2022 Platts Global Energy Awards committee named the company a finalist for Energy Transition Technology of the Year.

A separate oil and gas division, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, was also a 2022 finalist for the Platts Global Energy Awards, in the category of Emerging Commercial Technology.

There are three main factors that attract industry and awards committees to Locus Mining Solutions’ biosurfactants:

  1. Results: When added to existing reagents, they increase overall metal recovery by 7% in lab tests, and up to 91% from low-grade sulfide copper ores
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: By making existing solutions more effective, they reduce the overall need for treatment; and utilize existing delivery systems, which requires no investment in infrastructure
  3. ESG Ratings: Produced by carbon-friendly methods, these biosurfactants also reduce toxic mine tailings by safely removing heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and nickel from tailing streams

Locus Mining Plans Further Growth and Research

To satisfy energy transition needs, Locus Mining’s team of experts is opening a state-of-the-art metallurgical lab in Texas. Planned to open this spring, the lab will provide researchers a vast array of tools needed for investigating, developing, optimizing and field-testing next-generation biosurfactants mining reagents.

Looking to further advance efficiency and the environment, the lab is currently testing biosurfactants showing great results in improving the frothing process, in formation and duration. This is a key part of cost-effectively capturing more of the needed minerals from poor quality ores.

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About Locus Mining Solutions
Locus Mining Solutions, a division of Locus Fermentation Solutions, addresses the demand for sustainable mining practices that are environmentally friendly, while boosting minerals and metals extraction rates from low-grade ores that are common today. The division develops carbon-neutral, 100% renewable-sourced biosurfactant additives that boost traditional processes in extracting stranded minerals and metals that are increasingly required for the energy transition. This new generation of mining reagents speed the achievement of sustainability goals while also expanding profitability. To learn more about effective and ESG-friendly biosurfactants in mining, visit